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Master Garage Door Service is a viable crew garage door repair specialists in Santa Clara, where we’ve provided garage door repair and maintenance to our valued collection of families and businesses for years. As a nationally renowned network of service providers, you can count on us to be able to quickly access garage door components of the highest quality. Just as importantly, this high value comes at a competitive cost; ensuring that everyone can afford our essential services. If you need immediate work, we offer a 24 hour, around-the-clock garage door repair option.

Ready When Needed

Master Garage Door Service Santa Clara, CA 408-520-7348Master Garage Door Service appreciates the necessity of a working garage door is a consequence of security and home comfort. To this end, our qualified technicians will not rest until any malfunctions or concerns are meant to your satisfaction when you access our emergency garage door repair or maintenance services. We are available every single day of the year to property owners and corporate clients alike. Master Garage Door Service has access industry garage door in the system parts that are guaranteed to work for yours. We also have an assortment of generic door parts just in case you have a specialized system that needs individual components.

In fact, some of our corporate clients have custom garage doors, so we make sure that our garage door repair services includes the option to use specialized fittings that can restore the function. Additionally, we have a varied inventory of mounting brackets, pulleys, monitors, cables, brackets, door struts, receivers, and many more parts. With a dedicated collection of technicians and maintenance specialists, we can guarantee the quickest response times you can find in the industry. That means that, no matter what your issue – whether it’s a fractured lock, and off-track garage door, a jammed lock, or a garage door access issue, we can be on the scene within the hour you make the call. Our fleet of rapid response vehicles ensures that we can stand by this promise. Neither your home nor business can afford to wait because of a malfunctioning garage door – not when we’re in town.

Our Services

Although you probably never have occasion to think about it, garage door is actually an amazingly complicated piece of machinery. The simple design actually hides a lot of complicated internal components, including a spring system that operates a very heavy door. Our Master Garage Door Service technicians are well-versed in every aspect of the system and are uniquely positioned to provide professional maintenance and installation services.

Master Garage Door Service additionally has considerable expertise in post-market addendums that enhance your garage doors functionality, appearance, security and access. For example, you can have our technicians add motion detection options, automatic garage door openers, clickers, or keypads facilitate entry or bar access. The experience and continued education of Master Garage Door Service’s professionals ensure a total solution package for residents in the area.

The Professional Touch

As the best garage door repair service in the Santa Clara area, you can be confident that our technicians are consequently the most talented and qualified. With the Master Garage Door Service staff’s commitment to excellence, the pride they take in their work will be evident from the moment they set foot on your property. All Master Garage Door Service workers have lofty professional qualifications ready to be presented upon request. We cannot stress the level of professionalism required by Master Garage Door Service garage door specialists; they know that when they make a service call there putting the professional reputation of the entire company – as well as themselves – on the line.

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