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Master Garage Door Service also possesses a huge assortment of rolling garage door types best suited to the service industry. As you well know, those cavernous warehouse-sized rooms require specialized garage doors that maximize entry space. We have ready-made, road of steel door models in a plenitude of colors sizes and hardware options that are guaranteed to fit just about any opening size. This simply is no need to sacrifice aesthetics for security.

In addition to the overhead garage door options that we offer, you can opt for multiple opening devices – such as the popular automatic one that puts total control at your fingertips. There’s also the “electronic eye” opening device that motion detects people and vehicles open upon detection when she said it for that option. Depending on which part of the city you live in, power outages can be common; there are backup battery systems to ensure that you can always open and close the garage door.

The Master Garage Door Service staff is well-versed in the design and installation of garage door systems for various openings. With the ready accessibility of our on-site mobile units, speed is a priority. As you’d expect, these vehicles are outfitted with everything the technicians inside will need to get to your property. The installation will proceed quickly and efficiently. We’ve been happily serving Santa Clara residents for years, and our amicable representatives are standing by to give your free consultation on your garage door repair, maintenance, installation needs.