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Master Garage Door Service only uses the best garage door components. Had we managed to do this? From an inventory that is well-stocked with both generic and name-branded products from national vendors. Our commitment to our clients in the Santa Clara means that we have an ever-growing cache of hardware, customized design elements, and accessories for every type of garage door that you can imagine.

Garage Door Springs

The garage door springs are pretty much the center of the entire door system. These powerful coils help to counterbalance the weight of the door, which is what makes it feels so easy to lift and close to the average person. Clearly then, a compromise garage door spring leads to a largely immovable object. If your door spring suffers any damage, Master Garage Door Service has a huge assortment of torsion springs with which to replace them. We even have parts for custom garage doors.

With Master Garage Door Service, you’re not just getting expert garage door repairs and maintenance; our experts are also committed to informing you about best practices and beneficial upgrades at your request. Will help you keep your garage door in perfect working order for their operational lifetime. This extends to the provision of extension Springs, torsion Springs, and any other spring that’s applicable to the style of garage door you happen to have. At the end of the day we want what you want – components that function safely and effectively.

Torsion Springs

Master Garage Door Service Santa Clara, CA 408-520-7348As for the proper placement of torsion Springs, they are attached to a steel bar that hangs over the door of your garage and counterbalances the load by acting as a stabilizing force when it is opened or closed. You can see the torsion spring in operation as he coils at either and unwind to help pull the door open. The garage door torsion spring is actually a marvel of engineering, and makes it possible to easily move a load that would be otherwise impossible for a single normal person to do. As for the specifics of this engineering, the operational life and durability of the steel cable is dependent upon the spring length and the inside diameter of the wire. Generally, residential properties have garage doors with either one or two torsion spring; larger commercial garage doors may have more because of the extra load.

Extension Springs

On the other hand, extension Springs for the garage door reside on the doorframe or police section. Just like torsion Springs, they maneuver the very heavy weight of the door – except extension Springs do it using a stretching and contraction apparatus instead of an uncoiling one. Regardless, they both should only ever be handled in a servicing capacity by an experienced professional, as they are under tremendous amounts of pressure.

Spring Repair

As you might have surmised, a garage door is a complicated piece of machinery. The springs that keep the whole system together are a specialized system that in your operational life tremendous stresses. Not only can these undergo a catastrophic failure right away, causing the door to hurtle to the ground, they can slowly unwind after years of service. This is a clear and present issue, and Master Garage Door Service prioritizes the repair and maintenance of garage door springs for our value property owners and businesses. Foolproof way to ensure that a gradual failure of the screens never catches you unawares is to schedule regular maintenance checkups with our talented crew.