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If for whatever reason any of our Santa Clara clients have a need for specialty doors, Master Garage Door Service specialists stand poised to meet those needs. No matter what type of door you need, garage door access management holds fast with whatever installation we put in. Our trusted relationships with parts providers ensure that we can quickly get our hands on the parts you need for a specialized garage door.

You would find that erecting specialty doors are some of Master Garage Door Service technicians favorite parts of the job. This is because they’re allowed to really show off their expertise in high level of skill. If your business or property owner with specialized needs, then we have a dedicated staff of qualified professionals to meet your needs.

Insulated Doors

Master Garage Door Service Santa Clara, CA 408-520-7348Another popular type of garage door request that we receive is the insulated door. This one is especially suited to harsh environments, or to safeguard sensitive equipment and assets in a normal environment. As an example of the kind of facilities that gravitate towards insulated garage door, consider buildings where it is necessary to maintain a constant optimal temperature.

In fact, such buildings don’t even have to harbor vehicles; many homeowners and commercial interests keep stacks of sensitive files and equipment inside the garage spaces. It is with this in mind that Master Garage Door Service confidently advertises the insulated door option.

Fire Doors

The garage space needs a fire door even more than most other places in the home. This is because many people use the space for storage, of papers, books, flammable elements such as paint thinner and solution. Given that you may also store vehicles in there, a fire door is an absolute necessity.

The slightest spark may be enough to set the whole thing off, the last thing you want is no protection whatsoever from what a firestorm of almost illimitable proportions. To say the least, this could be a devastating occurrence because of the small, contains space of a garage that can give way to a rapidly spreading inferno.

The purpose of a fire door is to inhibit the spread of flames because of the flame retardant composition. The door heats up and thereby transfers the heat from the fire to the door itself up to a certain level. It turns out that this is enough to stifle smaller fires completely and help retard more explosive ones. This is desirable to protect the rules behind the garage, of course.

There has been much research on the benefits that a fire door confers on a structure. If you check the building codes of nearly any commercial endeavor nationwide, you’ll find that the minimum rating for the mandatory fire door is four to withstand 20 minutes of full-blown heat. In fact, this also goes for most residential properties. It is quite possible to request fire doors with even higher rates of resistance to flame.

Traffic Doors (High Speed Doors)

This next door is somewhat exclusive to our commercial clients. The high speed traffic door is best used in environments where vehicles are constantly going in and out, and the door needs to be able to open quickly for them. Of course, these traffic optimize doors are also available to our residential clients – it’s just that do not receive that many requests for them.